How the World Works

We started our new Unit of Inquiry on How the World Works. Here are some of our ideas we came up with about this theme.

We looked at this image and discussed how we thought it worked…

 We talked about its Function.

This is what we came up with…

  • It has a remote (David)
  • Electricity (Marco)
  • It takes phones up and what you can’t see it takes a picture (Mikala)
  • You use a control to use it (Aysel)
  • It can go upside down (Aysel)
  • It has a camera (Ishan)
  • It senses people (Lily)

Ms. Lisa read us the book called, The Thingamabob. It is a story about an elephant who uses his inquiring mind to find out how the ‘thingamabob’ works…

We demonstrated how the ‘thingamabob’ worked.

Moving the Box

Dr. Nasneen was our special visitor on Friday and she came in with lots of heavy boxes and tools we could ‘experiment’ with.  We talked about the words Science and Scientists.

We were put into groups and had to move the boxes without using our hands, to a mark on a table…

In our reflection at the end of this challenge this is what we came up…

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