First week in October in 2.2

Summative Feedback with Ms. Rose

Olympics Day

A big thank you to the Year 11 students who organised with Ms. Nicky a fabulous Olympics Day on Tuesday. We spent the day spread across different teams and year groups.

Buddy Time

This week we went to 6.3s room for our buddy time where we spent time listening to picture books with our buddies. Our buddy had prepared questions to ask us throughout the story.

Handwriting Practice

We used the whiteboards to practice the letters that go in the same direction. The letters we practiced today were: a, c, d, e, g, o, q. We talked about the ‘drop’ letters g and q.


This week we learnt a new game called Tower Races. To play Tower Races you need two dice, a tower template and unifex cubes. You roll the dice and add the two numbers together – we talked about ‘counting on from the biggest number’ to find the sum quickly.

Ms Josefina has been doing some work in groups on ‘number recognition’.  We have also been exploring the Math Apps on the iPads and using play dough to make numbers and equations.

Writing Celebrations

Ms. Lisa has been impressed with the writing in 2.2 this week. She uses her ‘gold’ highlighter to highlight the ‘good writer’ skills in our writing and the ‘pink’ highlighter for the things in my writing I need to ‘think’ about. “Gold for Glory” and “Pink for Think”.

The writers in 2.2 are learning to extend their ideas in writing and to try our best at recording the sounds in a word we do not know. Ms. Lisa and Ms. Josefina have been setting our personal writing goals with us too.

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