Unit of Inquiry Summative

Decision Making in Groups

To conclude our unit of inquiry on How We Organise Ourselves we came up with a list of ideas for the Year 1 and 2 playground area and voted to get our Top 5.  We then chose which idea we wanted to work in a group with to discuss our needs to make this goal happen. (see attached audio files)

Dei – Swing (8)

Marco – tennis balls and rackets and tennis court (4)

Cristian – Soccer field and ball and goal posts (9)

Sonia – Merry go round (5)

Mikala – More Math activities for free choice (4)

Deena – Spring seats in the playground (4)

Aryan – Safety Rule Boards (5)

Alicia – More papers to draw (8)

Dei – Swinging chairs and tables (9)

Yanesa – Outside screen for movies (8)

Ruben – iPads for outside (10)

Lueji – Music to dance and to sing to. Books.(8)

Ishan – Tiny box of instruments (1)

Aysel – Pool to use at lunchtime (9)

Lueji – Art supplies for lunch time (1)

Mikala – Giant lollipop to climb up and eat (7)

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