Almost there…..

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a great end of year party! We have 4 days left and the students are getting ready to move on to Year 3. Such an exciting time! Some important days to remember;

Monday 5th June 2017- PLAY DAY

We will have our last play day next Monday. Students are allowed to bring in toys (no screens or toys that require batteries).

Tuesday 6th June 2017 – SPORTS DAY 10:10am

Students will enjoy sports day next Tuesday. Please be reminded that students should wear a t-shirt in their house colour. Please see below for your child’s colour.

Giacomo: green

Zoe: green

Ariel: red

Vitoria: green

George: yellow

Yasser: red

Dailyn: yellow

Josiah: yellow

Miranda: red

Vivian: yellow

Sanyam: yellow

Justo: green

Soren: blue

Sam: green

Victoria: blue

Fabrizio: red

Thursday 8th 2017- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Please be reminded this is the last day of school for students.

Dismissal time: 12:00 noon

Please be here to pick up your child on time as teachers and assistants are required to meet soon after dismissal.

9 Days To Go!

Class day VCU CNS via Compfight

Dear Parents,

It has been a fantastic few weeks in Year 2.2! In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.2 continued to think about learning. They realized that learning can occur in many different forms, through many different activities. They spent some time thinking about their individual learning preferences – do you like to work with a partner, in a group, or on your own? Do you learn best when it is quiet or when the music is playing?

It would be great if you can continue this conversation at home! Next week the students will continue working on their summative assessment which is to create a passion project about something that they are interested in learning more about. We’ve had a great start this week and the students have chosen passion projects and are excited to get started!

Some important things to remember……

Next Friday, 2nd June, we will celebrate our year in year 2! It would be great if you can come celebrate with us. Please be on the look out for emails from our class mom Emma Dolton.

Please be aware that I do not have consistent access to my email. If you need to get in touch right away, please cc the office or call the school to ensure we receive your message. I apologize for any delays in responding to your emails, and I appreciate your patience.

Our week in review

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a few hectic weeks in 2.2. As the year is nearing the end please be on the look out for important emails and updates sent from LIS.

This week 2.2 has been focusing on the concept of identity. They thought about their abilities and the things they do well. They created characters using their friends’ abilities and skills and wrote stories about them. It was great to see the students interact with each other and create fiction stories about their classmates. They were also great to read!

In math, 2.2 continued to practice their skills in data handling, using tally marks and bar graphs to record their classmates’ eye colours and hair colours (linking to the idea of physical characteristics in our unit of inquiry).

They also continued to develop their number sense. 2.2 spent some time using the Math app “Addimals” on the classroom iPads. They also made connections to our transdisciplinary skill, Metacognition. Metacognition, or thinking about and understanding our thinking process, means that students need to be aware of how they solve problems. Using Addimals, they practiced consciously choosing a strategy before they began to solve the problem.

This will be a great Math app to download on your iPads at home.

Important Events

Dear Parents,

We have a very hectic week ahead of us! On Tuesday 2nd May, the students will participate in our annual LIS Primary Aquatics Adventure Exposition. Please ensure that your child comes to school with their swimming costume, towel and goggles. Parents are welcomed to join us from 11:00-12:00 by the school pool.

Spring fair (Saturday 6th May)

Thank you to our room mom Emma, Rita and Veronica for helping the students make their pots. The kids are going to sell these to you to raise funds for the PTA so if you’d like to buy your child’s pot please could you put 1,000Akz in an envelope with your child’s name on it and ask them to give it to me. Your child will then be able to take the pot home after the Fair.

Please Please sign up for a slot to help run the game we have been given on the day of the Fair. There are time slots available from 11am-2pm (every 30mins). The sign up sheet is outside the classroom or alternatively let me know what slot you’d like and I can sign you up.


Our New Unit- Who We Are

Dear Parents,

This week the Year 2 students will be exploring our new unit of inquiry ‘Who We Are’. During this unit the students will explore:

Central idea: Our personal characteristics, abilities, and interests inform our learning and development.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Physical, social, and emotional characteristics (form)
  • Personal abilities and interests (form)
  • Similarities and differences between ourselves and others (reflection and connection)
  • How we learn best (reflection and connection)

Key Concepts:

Form: What is it like?

Reflection: How do we know?

Connection: How is it connected to other things?

Related concepts: identity, similarities and differences

Trans disciplinary Skills:

Thinking skill: Metacognition

Self-Management Skill: Organization

Learner Profile Attributes: Thinker, Reflective

Attitudes: Commitment, Tolerance

Math Focus: Data handling – using tally marks, bar graphs, pictographs, Venn diagrams, and Carroll diagrams to collect information.

Language Focus: Descriptive writing, character sketches, comparisons, text to self and text to text connections

Home learning activities you can do to support your child:

Help your child create a chart or graph, which they can use to record the data. Walk around your neighborhood and tally how many _____ can you find? Play I-Spy and keep a tally chart – how many times did you spy each color?

Encourage your child to explore their interests and passions, as well as offer opportunities for them to try out new activities and experiences. Help them reflect on new experiences by asking questions such as, “How did you feel trying ——?” “What did you learn about yourself?” “What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?” “What skills were you practicing during this activity?”

Welcome back

Dear Parents,

It is great to be back and be welcomed by so many restful faces! The students are well rested and happy to be back at school. I have a few updates for you to be aware of. Please see below.

Aquatics and PE Schedule Changes
Due to the MYP Aquatics lessons at the pool in the coming weeks (MYP recently started their swimming blocks) we have made some small adjustments in our regular Primary PE & Aquatics schedule. Please check below for the alteration that will occur in our Year 2.2 schedule.

Tuesday JUNE 6th
Year 2.2 Antonio- P7
This Aquatics will be a PE lesson

Play day

After the Global Day of Play, Year 1 and Year 2 students took action. They wrote to Mr. Chris and used their skills of persuasion to explain the benefits of play and why it is important.

On Monday, Y1 and Y2 will have a shorter playdate to celebrate the learning and growth that takes place during free, unstructured play. Again, students are welcome to bring toys, games, dress up costumes to school on Monday to use during their playdate, but they cannot bring anything that requires batteries or electricity.

Best Regards,


Happy Holiday!

Oil spill in the Johor Strait (5 Jan 2017) from Pasir Ris Carpark A Ria Tan via Compfight

Dear Parents,

Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about changes in our environment. The Year 2 students will be sharing projects about one environmental concern, explaining the problem and offering ideas on how we can take action when we get back from our holiday.

The students have chosen topics that they will be working on/researching over their holiday. Please help them collect information on these topics.

Miss Josefina and I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday. We hope to see everyone back to school on April 5th.

Thank you!

Year 2.2 would like to say a big thank you to Andrea Sousa, Emma Dolton, Eric and Eliana Smith, Mariene Milbourne and Veronica Ruiz who visited us during language week, to share games, stories and cultural events in your first language. We really appreciated your support.

I would also like to say thank you to all the parents of 2.2 for joining us for your child’s student led conference. The students were extremely excited to share their learning with their parents! It was great seeing the students ‘teach’ you a few things.

Student Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences are coming up soon! A big thank you to everyone that has already signed up for a time on Friday. Just a reminder that Conferences will be taking place on March 10th in our 2.2 classroom. The sign-up boards are located outside the Primary Office. Please take some time to book your child’s conference. They are very excited to teach you what they have learned! If for some reason you are not able to attend on the 10th, please let me know via email so we can reschedule.

Sharing the Planet

This week Year 2 began a new unit on Sharing the Planet. Year 2s started with a Minecraft provocation: they were given a brand new island with trees, plants, and animals and were asked to build something. Later in the week, we returned to the computer lab to discover that the island had drastically changed!

Here are some of the comments/questions from this activity:

‘We had a lot of fun playing minecraft nut where did all of the trees and animals go?’

‘We had to cut down all of the trees to build our houses. Is this what’s happening in real life?’

‘What other resources can we use to build things other than trees so we don’t have to destroy animals’ home?’

Central Idea: Within environments living things coexist in delicate balance.

Lines of Inquiry: An inquiry into…

  • Different habitats and their features.
  • How living things respond to changing environments.
  • Human impact on the environment.

Key Concepts:
Form- What is it like?
Change – How is it changing?
Responsibility-What are our responsibilities?

Related Concepts:
Habitat, Balance, Interconnectedness

Transdisciplinary Skills:
Research Skills:
Asking Questions
Acquisition of Knowledge
Recording Data

Learner Profile Attributes: Caring, Reflective

Attitudes: Empathy

Language Focus: Persuasive writing – state your point of view, include supporting facts and examples, teach readers how they can help and what action they can take.

Home Learning Activities you can do to support your child: Give students opportunities to form and defend their own opinions, ask them to give examples or supporting evidence. For example, if they want 10 more minutes to play, ask them to persuade you!

Math Focus: Data handling – using tally marks, bar graphs, pictographs, venn diagrams, and carroll diagrams to collect information.

Home Learning Activities you can do to support your child: if you are reading the paper or an article that includes various types of graphs, share the graphs with your child and ask them what information they see represented. If your child has a question, help them create a chart or graph which they can use to record the data. Walk around your neighborhood and tally how many _____ can you find? Play I-Spy and keep a tally chart – how many times did you spy each color?

Science Skills: Making observations, using scientific vocabulary, generate questions, identify areas of interest for further study.

Social Studies Skills: Identify roles, rights, and responsibilities in society.

Home Learning Activities you can do to support your child: Posing questions about the natural world, the resources we use, and what actions we take to protect the environment. Give your child a chance to explore your home environments (backyards, playground areas, gardens). Go snorkeling or for a beach walk on the weekend and see if you can spot any living things!

Important notice:

I will be travelling from Thursday 23rd February- Thursday 02nd March. If you have any major concerns during this time please speak to the substitute teacher or email me with your questions/concerns and I will follow up as soon as I get back to Angola. Enjoy your long weekend!