Oct. 9 – 13th

This week we continued reading George’s Marvelous Medicine and found out what happened when Grandma took a sip!

We kept practicing “How to” writing. This week we wrote instructions for how to change your home reading books. After writing, we tested our directions to see if they were specific enough or if we missed any steps!

In our Unit of Inquiry we learned that forces are pushes or pulls that move an object. We explored basic pushes and pulls and different kinds of motion (run, walk, jump, roll, dance, etc.)

We did our first experiment making balloon rockets and practiced making a hypothesis – taking a guess about what will happen. We also played with moving a bucket with different weights inside. In these two activities we learned that a force can have different strengths.

2.1 pieced together the Central Idea, People apply their scientific understanding of force and motion in their everyday lives.

In math, we began thinking about the concept of measurement and practiced measuring objects in the classroom with nonstandard units of measurement.

We also began to think about equations using pictures instead of numbers.

Today we celebrated Kenza’s last day in 2.1. Have a wonderful holiday and see you on the 23rd. Don’t forget to sign up for a conference on the 26th or 27th, and here are the teams for Sports day on the 24th.

Oct. 2nd – 6th

In Reading this week, 2.1 continued the chapter book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. To show their comprehension, students drew the medicine, showing all the silly ingredients. They also began to look at non-fiction texts and began to identify different features in these books (photographs, bold font, table of contents, etc.). They read a non-fiction book with their Year 6 buddy and did a scavenger hunt for different text features. We also read the October poem from Maurice Sendak’s book, Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months.

In Writing, 2.1 began to focus on a new style of writing: procedural. They began with the challenge of writing instructions on how to wash your hands. They had to first give directions orally, then write them in as much detail as possible.

In Math, 2.1 began to think about story problems, and how we interpret words and figure out what equation to solve. We also reviewed the months of the year and made October calendars, thinking about the special events coming up in this new month.

2.1 began tuning into our 2nd Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works. They sorted objects into “science” and “not science”. They defined science and drew pictures of scientists. We watched the video, The Fairy Scientist, and 2.1 explained why they thought she was doing science or not.

2.1 shared their knowledge that scientists look really, really closely using tools like microscopes and magnifying glasses. They practiced the skill of observation, observing shells from the beach.

And finally, 2.1 did a science challenge with Dr. Nazneen. They found creative ways to move a box without touching the box. Some teams found ways to push the box, others found ways to pull the box.

Have a wonderful weekend – hope to see you at International Day!