Oct. 9 – 13th

This week we continued reading George’s Marvelous Medicine and found out what happened when Grandma took a sip!

We kept practicing “How to” writing. This week we wrote instructions for how to change your home reading books. After writing, we tested our directions to see if they were specific enough or if we missed any steps!

In our Unit of Inquiry we learned that forces are pushes or pulls that move an object. We explored basic pushes and pulls and different kinds of motion (run, walk, jump, roll, dance, etc.)

We did our first experiment making balloon rockets and practiced making a hypothesis – taking a guess about what will happen. We also played with moving a bucket with different weights inside. In these two activities we learned that a force can have different strengths.

2.1 pieced together the Central Idea, People apply their scientific understanding of force and motion in their everyday lives.

In math, we began thinking about the concept of measurement and practiced measuring objects in the classroom with nonstandard units of measurement.

We also began to think about equations using pictures instead of numbers.

Today we celebrated Kenza’s last day in 2.1. Have a wonderful holiday and see you on the 23rd. Don’t forget to sign up for a conference on the 26th or 27th, and here are the teams for Sports day on the 24th.

Oct. 2nd – 6th

In Reading this week, 2.1 continued the chapter book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. To show their comprehension, students drew the medicine, showing all the silly ingredients. They also began to look at non-fiction texts and began to identify different features in these books (photographs, bold font, table of contents, etc.). They read a non-fiction book with their Year 6 buddy and did a scavenger hunt for different text features. We also read the October poem from Maurice Sendak’s book, Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months.

In Writing, 2.1 began to focus on a new style of writing: procedural. They began with the challenge of writing instructions on how to wash your hands. They had to first give directions orally, then write them in as much detail as possible.

In Math, 2.1 began to think about story problems, and how we interpret words and figure out what equation to solve. We also reviewed the months of the year and made October calendars, thinking about the special events coming up in this new month.

2.1 began tuning into our 2nd Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works. They sorted objects into “science” and “not science”. They defined science and drew pictures of scientists. We watched the video, The Fairy Scientist, and 2.1 explained why they thought she was doing science or not.

2.1 shared their knowledge that scientists look really, really closely using tools like microscopes and magnifying glasses. They practiced the skill of observation, observing shells from the beach.

And finally, 2.1 did a science challenge with Dr. Nazneen. They found creative ways to move a box without touching the box. Some teams found ways to push the box, others found ways to pull the box.

Have a wonderful weekend – hope to see you at International Day!

Olympics Day – October 3

Dear Parents,

Next week we have a special event! Please see your child’s team color and superhero – they are welcome to dress up in spirit!

Tuesday October 3rd – LIS OLYMPICS! Dress up as a Superhero or in your team color!

Student Color Team name and number
Machado, Eliane Green Wolverine 1
Guariguata, Isabella Green Wolverine 1
Tomas, Augusto Red Jean Grey 2
Nelson, Ryan Yellow Ice Man 2
Uba, Somtochukwu Yellow Ice Man 2
Mavova, Luana Yellow Ice Man 2
Usman, Fatima Green Hulk 3
Moreira, Ruth Maria Red Antman 8
Han, Ian Yellow Quicksilver 8
Lucifora, Paolo Yellow Quicksilver 8
Whitmire, Margaret Yellow Quicksilver 8
Okoko, Tucker Green Beastboy 7
Sayarpour, Sarah Green Beastboy 7
Aparicio Davila, Andre Red Vibe 7
Elsir Gaffar, Khalid Yellow Raven 7
Kone, Kenza Blue Wonder Woman 6
Da Cruz Duarte, Diara Red Vibe 7
Pires Ferreira, Geanine Red Superman 5
Mendes, Kyara Yellow Iron Man 4


Sept. 25th – 29th

The final week of our first Unit of Inquiry! To show what they have learned about community, 2.1 students took action. They proposed changes for the LIS Community that would help us learn!

This week 2.1 began reading our first chapter book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. Students described the character Grandma with words and pictures. We used the comprehension strategy of making predictions to guess what the medicine will do to Grandma!

In math, students continued practicing their data handling skills. They used tally marks and bar graphs, and this week learned to make pictographs as well. We also practiced finding our left and right and giving directions. After practicing on our grid in the classroom in partners, students used the app “Lightbot” to practice directions on the iPads.

Ms. Betsy has been connecting Year 2s learning in Music class with our Unit of Inquiry, How we organize ourselves. She has been working with them on the orchestra. Please visit this link to continue the learning from the unit at home!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

September 20-22

A very short week! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

In language, 2.1 continued to work on recount writing, writing about their long weekends. They made a checklist to remind themselves to explain the who and the what, to use the past tense, and to use sequencing words.  They played memory to help them build their knowledge of sight words.

In math, students worked on creating bar graphs. They used bar graphs to show the months of the year with the most and least birthdays in 2.1. They also continued working on proving their math knowledge in a variety of ways.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students continued to practice their social skills by working in groups and taking on different roles. Some were the leaders, others the writers or the presenters. In small groups students had to work together to decide what game 2.1 would play outside. They know that they are the most important members of our LIS community, and that everyone participates to make our community better. They have been challenged to look around our school and find a way that they can make our community even better.

2.1 also enjoyed celebrating Peace Day.



Sept. 11th – 15th

This week in writing, 2.1 continued to develop their knowledge of writing recounts. They focused on using sequencing words (First, then, next, finally) to organize their writing, as well as using the past tense.

In reading we focused on practicing common sight words by playing snakes and ladders, and building words out of play doh.

In math, students were challenged in small groups to create different shapes out of a loop of yarn. They had to communicate and cooperate together. We talked about convincing others, and Ms. Tamara and Ms. Emily played the role of the skeptics.

Students also played “The Game of Totals”, practicing making tens.

Building off of the shapes challenge, students had to convince Ms. Emily that 1 + 2 really is equal to three. They brainstormed many ways to convince me, showing me in pictures and tally marks, building the equation with cubes, explaining their solution in words, showing me with a tens frame, a number line, and even their fingers! Students then practiced showing their work in many different ways.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students defined a community and brainstormed the various communities they are a part of. They worked together playing different roles in our LIS community and used yarn to show all the connections between us. They realized that everyone works together.

We had a visit from Mr. Dylan to ask him some questions about his job. See what questions 2.1 had for Mr. Dylan:

Do you read books to little kids? – Sarah

Do you have homework? – Ryan

Did you have a class job today? – Andre

What does a director do? – Fatima

Do you come to school on Saturday and Sunday? – Ian

Were you ever a class teacher? – Ryan

What do you do in your office? – Kenza

Are you responsible for children? – Ian

Is your room next to Mr. Chris’s room? – Geanine

How did you become the director? – Fatima

Were you a principal before you became a director? – Somto

Why are you outside when we come to school? – Ruth

In small groups, students were asked to rank different roles in the community by importance. Each group ranked the roles in a different way. We realized that everyone is important and has responsibility within our community, and our school community wouldn’t function if someone stopped doing their job.

We started using the class iPads this week – thank you so much for sending headphones to school! If your child hasn’t brought a cloth bag to use for reading in the classroom, please send one in on Monday. Enjoy the long weekend and see you on Wednesday!

September 4th – 8th

In language, 2.1 focused on reading with fluency. We practiced reading “The Book with No Pictures” and read the words the way the author wanted us to by noticing the size of the font,and by looking at the ending punctuation.We used the whisper phones to listen carefully to our fluency at read to self. We read our September poem and some of our favorite books in partners. We also practiced using ending punctuation in our writing. This week 2.1 started bringing home books for home reading. They can read with you, to you, or listen to you read the book to them! Don’t forget to help your child fill out their reading log each night.

In math we continued working towards open-mindsets. Students were challenged to create as many different rectangles as they could using just 12 tiles.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students thought about the different roles and responsibilities at LIS. They wrote about what they know about Mr. Chris’s job and came up with many questions about the role of the principal. Mr. Chris came to answer some of our questions.

We thought about true, basic  needs , and whether we really need all the materials we have at LIS. Students looked at a photo of a classroom from another country and shared their opinions on whether those students have everything they need.

We uncovered the Central Idea: People in a community contribute to meet common goals.

At our Year 2 Assembly today, students were inspired to brainstorm questions about other members of our LIS community.

This week we also met our Year 6 Buddies and thought about Peace.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the Back to School Night on Thursday. If you were not able to attend, please find the presentation slides below. We asked that you please send a pair of headphones in a labeled, ziplock bag to keep at school for use with the iPads. Have a great weekend, and hope to see many of you at the Jogathon!