Nov. 20 – 24th

This week, reading James and the Giant Peach, students showed their comprehension (understanding) by acting out the chapters we read on Monday.

Students have been working hard practicing reading their poems for our Assembly next week. They are practicing their presentation skills – facing the audience, speaking loudly and clearly, and reading with expression and confidence.

In our unit,¬†How We Express Ourselves,¬†we read the book “Journey”. Students shared the themes that they thought connected to the story – communicators, creativity, change, and imagination.

2.1 students have been enjoying using their expressions and bodies to act – another way to express themselves.

They studied some artwork by Picasso and noticed that he painted faces with a lot of color, and out of proportion. 2.1 experimented making “Picasso-esque” faces by drawing and sculpting.

We also watched some videos of STOMP performances, and experimented with using everyday objects like a piece of paper to make music.

Students brainstormed the big ideas within our unit of inquiry. After putting together their Central Idea puzzle, students came up with 7 important concepts related to our unit – people, audience, communicate, create, imagination, art, and expression. They used these words to guess the Central Idea!

In math, 2.1 has continued looking at 2D and 3D shapes. They hunted around the room for 3D shapes, and used PicCollage to document patterns they found in our everyday lives.

Thank you for the FOLSCO donations! We are starting to fill our first donation box. We will continue to take donations, until we wrap the packages in December!

Your child may have brought home a sight word list this week – please help them review these words at home. If all the words are easy to read, please send the list in and we will check their progress! The poems that were sent home this week are an extra copy for students to use to practice at home for our assembly next week.

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