November 13 – 17th

This week Y2.1 has continued exploring different ways of expressing ourselves through the arts. They categorized different arts as either “performance art” on the stage with an audience, or “visual art” which is art a viewer just looks at.

We investigated different styles of painting – painting like Seurat or Pollock.

We had a dance workshop with Mr. Capita and one with Ms. Jasmine and learned to create our own moves and dance styles and had a visit from a local sculptor.

We got to see the dress rehearsal of the performance “The Circus” and practiced our listening and self-management skills in the audience.

In math, we explored different shapes, and shared our knowledge that some shapes are 2D (flat) and some are 3D (fat).  Students wrote clues to describe a shape, and came up with important vocabulary words like side, corner, round, and straight. We also played “Guess My Number” with numbers from 1 to 10.

We’ve been focusing on practicing our fluency and presentation skills when we read, and have learned to write shape poems and acrostic poems this week.

We also began a new book by Roald Dahl – “James and the Giant Peach”. Ask your child about the two aunts in the story, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker!

Please save this date on your calendars — November 29th Y2 will be hosting a Poetry Cafe from 2:15 to 3 and you are invited to attend!

It has been wonderful seeing so many parents active on Seesaw – liking and commenting on student work. We hope you are enjoying this new platform for sharing about learning. If you have donations for the FOLSCO charity, you are welcome to send them to school anytime – we have a box for donations in our classroom :).

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