Nov. 6-10th

This week Y2 has started tuning into our third Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves.

We began by examining a box of objects and finding out – what are they, how are they used, and how are they connected?

From there, we began unpacking the word “art” through various examples and non-examples and by unpacking the concepts in the book “Ish”.

2.1 described art as something that involved creating something and using creativity. We explored how to be creative by turning a simple squiggle into many different things and how to turn a paper bag into a puppet.

We shared about perspectives responding to the book “Duck! Rabbit!”.

We found that we could understand a story read in Umbundu by listening to the emotions in Ms. Tamara’s voice, watching her facial expressions, and looking at the pictures. Students were even able to retell the story with puppets!

We began to interpret artwork and shared our perspective and our own beliefs about “art”.

Students are now moving independently through the first four stages of the writing process! Soon we will be ready to publish!

Last week 2.1 looked at rhyming poems. This week they wrote their own color poems.

Students looked at the attributes of different shapes and objects through the lens of perspective.

We also explored creating two-dimensional shapes with geoboards and pattern blocks.







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