October 30th – November 1st

Can you believe it is our last week of the How the World Works Unit?

This week students investigated the force of friction. They tested the bikes on different surfaces, and tried walking up the slides barefoot, in socks, and in shoes.

Students tested different objects on a ramp – learning that round objects roll and will travel farther than objects that have flat surfaces and will slide.

They also made connections to our everyday life – they were challenged to build a safe seat for the Egg Family’s car so they could safely drive down a hill.

In math we moved from using nonstandard units of measurement like cubes and pencils, and began working with measuring tape to use centimeters to measure.

In writing this week, Year 2 learned about the fourth stage of the writing process – edit. They practiced checking their work for correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

In reading, we continued with nonfiction texts. Students read a nonfiction book in small groups and shared what they learned on a poster. We also continued reading about George’s medicine and are nearly finished with our first chapter book!

Today 2.1 enjoyed our dress up day! Have a look at the great costumes!

Have a wonderful long weekend, and see you back on Monday!

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