Oct. 23rd – 26th

This week 2.1 had fun at Athletics Day! It was great to see so many of you there cheering them on.

In writing, we learned about the third step in the writing process – revision. Students worked with a partner to help check if their writing makes sense and if there were any more details they could add to their work.

We continued reading about George’s medicine, and painted our favorite parts of the book so far.

In math, student shared different strategies for solving addition problems – counting all and counting on. They began using a new app, addimals, that helps them identify the strategies they are using. They also reflected on their math learning and discussed their math goals.

In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.1 experimented with gravity.

Using their knowledge of gravity, students were challenged to build a marble maze that would fight gravity, making the marble fall slowly, and one that would work with gravity, and help the marble fall as fast as possible.


Students are excited to share their learning and their goals with you during the 3 Way Conferences this Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to seeing you soon.







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