Sept. 25th – 29th

The final week of our first Unit of Inquiry! To show what they have learned about community, 2.1 students took action. They proposed changes for the LIS Community that would help us learn!

This week 2.1 began reading our first chapter book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. Students described the character Grandma with words and pictures. We used the comprehension strategy of making predictions to guess what the medicine will do to Grandma!

In math, students continued practicing their data handling skills. They used tally marks and bar graphs, and this week learned to make pictographs as well. We also practiced finding our left and right and giving directions. After practicing on our grid in the classroom in partners, students used the app “Lightbot” to practice directions on the iPads.

Ms. Betsy has been connecting Year 2s learning in Music class with our Unit of Inquiry, How we organize ourselves. She has been working with them on the orchestra. Please visit this link to continue the learning from the unit at home!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

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