Olympics Day – October 3

Dear Parents,

Next week we have a special event! Please see your child’s team color and superhero – they are welcome to dress up in spirit!

Tuesday October 3rd – LIS OLYMPICS! Dress up as a Superhero or in your team color!

Student Color Team name and number
Machado, Eliane Green Wolverine 1
Guariguata, Isabella Green Wolverine 1
Tomas, Augusto Red Jean Grey 2
Nelson, Ryan Yellow Ice Man 2
Uba, Somtochukwu Yellow Ice Man 2
Mavova, Luana Yellow Ice Man 2
Usman, Fatima Green Hulk 3
Moreira, Ruth Maria Red Antman 8
Han, Ian Yellow Quicksilver 8
Lucifora, Paolo Yellow Quicksilver 8
Whitmire, Margaret Yellow Quicksilver 8
Okoko, Tucker Green Beastboy 7
Sayarpour, Sarah Green Beastboy 7
Aparicio Davila, Andre Red Vibe 7
Elsir Gaffar, Khalid Yellow Raven 7
Kone, Kenza Blue Wonder Woman 6
Da Cruz Duarte, Diara Red Vibe 7
Pires Ferreira, Geanine Red Superman 5
Mendes, Kyara Yellow Iron Man 4


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