September 20-22

A very short week! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

In language, 2.1 continued to work on recount writing, writing about their long weekends. They made a checklist to remind themselves to explain the who and the what, to use the past tense, and to use sequencing words.  They played memory to help them build their knowledge of sight words.

In math, students worked on creating bar graphs. They used bar graphs to show the months of the year with the most and least birthdays in 2.1. They also continued working on proving their math knowledge in a variety of ways.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students continued to practice their social skills by working in groups and taking on different roles. Some were the leaders, others the writers or the presenters. In small groups students had to work together to decide what game 2.1 would play outside. They know that they are the most important members of our LIS community, and that everyone participates to make our community better. They have been challenged to look around our school and find a way that they can make our community even better.

2.1 also enjoyed celebrating Peace Day.



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