Sept. 11th – 15th

This week in writing, 2.1 continued to develop their knowledge of writing recounts. They focused on using sequencing words (First, then, next, finally) to organize their writing, as well as using the past tense.

In reading we focused on practicing common sight words by playing snakes and ladders, and building words out of play doh.

In math, students were challenged in small groups to create different shapes out of a loop of yarn. They had to communicate and cooperate together. We talked about convincing others, and Ms. Tamara and Ms. Emily played the role of the skeptics.

Students also played “The Game of Totals”, practicing making tens.

Building off of the shapes challenge, students had to convince Ms. Emily that 1 + 2 really is equal to three. They brainstormed many ways to convince me, showing me in pictures and tally marks, building the equation with cubes, explaining their solution in words, showing me with a tens frame, a number line, and even their fingers! Students then practiced showing their work in many different ways.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students defined a community and brainstormed the various communities they are a part of. They worked together playing different roles in our LIS community and used yarn to show all the connections between us. They realized that everyone works together.

We had a visit from Mr. Dylan to ask him some questions about his job. See what questions 2.1 had for Mr. Dylan:

Do you read books to little kids? – Sarah

Do you have homework? – Ryan

Did you have a class job today? – Andre

What does a director do? – Fatima

Do you come to school on Saturday and Sunday? – Ian

Were you ever a class teacher? – Ryan

What do you do in your office? – Kenza

Are you responsible for children? – Ian

Is your room next to Mr. Chris’s room? – Geanine

How did you become the director? – Fatima

Were you a principal before you became a director? – Somto

Why are you outside when we come to school? – Ruth

In small groups, students were asked to rank different roles in the community by importance. Each group ranked the roles in a different way. We realized that everyone is important and has responsibility within our community, and our school community wouldn’t function if someone stopped doing their job.

We started using the class iPads this week – thank you so much for sending headphones to school! If your child hasn’t brought a cloth bag to use for reading in the classroom, please send one in on Monday. Enjoy the long weekend and see you on Wednesday!

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