September 4th – 8th

In language, 2.1 focused on reading with fluency. We practiced reading “The Book with No Pictures” and read the words the way the author wanted us to by noticing the size of the font,and by looking at the ending punctuation.We used the whisper phones to listen carefully to our fluency at read to self. We read our September poem and some of our favorite books in partners. We also practiced using ending punctuation in our writing. This week 2.1 started bringing home books for home reading. They can read with you, to you, or listen to you read the book to them! Don’t forget to help your child fill out their reading log each night.

In math we continued working towards open-mindsets. Students were challenged to create as many different rectangles as they could using just 12 tiles.

In our Unit of Inquiry, students thought about the different roles and responsibilities at LIS. They wrote about what they know about Mr. Chris’s job and came up with many questions about the role of the principal. Mr. Chris came to answer some of our questions.

We thought about true, basic  needs , and whether we really need all the materials we have at LIS. Students looked at a photo of a classroom from another country and shared their opinions on whether those students have everything they need.

We uncovered the Central Idea: People in a community contribute to meet common goals.

At our Year 2 Assembly today, students were inspired to brainstorm questions about other members of our LIS community.

This week we also met our Year 6 Buddies and thought about Peace.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the Back to School Night on Thursday. If you were not able to attend, please find the presentation slides below. We asked that you please send a pair of headphones in a labeled, ziplock bag to keep at school for use with the iPads. Have a great weekend, and hope to see many of you at the Jogathon!

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