August 21st – 25th

This week 2.1 created a classroom community agreement. They brainstormed lots of ideas about how we should act when we are together at school and settled on four main points. Have a look at the agreement they decided upon.

In reading, 2.1 has been talking about lots of different strategies we use as readers. This week we focused on strategies to help our comprehension (do we understand what we read) and fluency (reading with expression). One comprehension strategy we practiced when reading the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk was using the pictures to guess a word that would make sense. Another was making connections to the characters in the story. We also worked on developing stamina and choosing “Good Fit Books” when reading to ourselves. *Thank you for sending in cloth bags, we are using them as reading bags within the classroom! **

This week 2.1 had our first Writer’s Workshop. We worked on focusing on our writing for fifteen minutes (five to plan and pre-write, ten to write).

In math, students began thinking about how we organize and categorize items. This week they sorted emoji faces by emotions, colors, and shapes. They also sorted shoes by color, style, size, and purpose. Finally, they created their own pictures to sort in multiple ways.

This week we drew our self-portraits and briefly reviewed the key concept, form (what is it like?). 

In our Year 2 Gathering today, we talked about the skill of cooperation, a focus for the current Unit of Inquiry. We watched a short video clip and played two different games to practice cooperating with others.

You’ll notice a “Friday Reflection” in your child’s Friday Folder today. Please have a look at your child’s self-reflection. If you have any questions or comments there is space for you to add your reflection too. Please sign (just so I know you’ve seen it!) and return the Reflections in the Friday Folders on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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