First Week of School!

Year 2 is off to a great start! What a fun week getting to know each other.

This week 2.1 played lots and lots of games and practiced our social skills! Ask your child to teach you how to play “Now I’m Walking”, “Pop”, or “Octopus Tag”.

Students shared great ideas about why it is important to learn to read and write. They also had lots of ideas about what “math” means.

We began reading a few books by Mo Willems, and students shared their favorite parts of the story. Some volunteered to share their work with the class! In writing, we decided the most important words we need to know how to write are…our names! Students wrote their names to add to our word wall to use as a reference this year.

2.1 had a short visit from Mr. Dylan, and went to Mr. Chris’s office on Thursday for a read aloud. Our visit to Mr. Chris’s office sparked a few questions that will lead us into our first Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves. Have a look at the overview of our unit here.

On Friday, students thought about what they are excited to do in Year 2. They then shared about what they want to learn how to do this year. Have a look at 2.1’s goals for the year!

It was wonderful to meet so many parents this week. Please feel free to stop by before or after school to introduce yourselves, and of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or concerns.

A few quick reminders:

  • Please complete and return the language profile if you haven’t already done so.
  • Thank you to those who have already sent in a framed family photo and a small cloth bag! If you have not yet, please send them in at your earliest convenience.
  • Your child will be bringing home their Friday Folder today – don’t forget to return the folder on Monday morning. Try to ask your child about the work they bring home, and see if they can teach you what we are learning about! All work in the Folder can stay at home.

Enjoy the weekend, and see you on Monday!

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