Last day of Year 2!

Dear Parents,

We hope you are very proud of your child – it has been a wonderful year in Year 2! Thank you for your support this year at home and as guest speakers. A big thank you to the class parents and reading volunteers! We hope you have a great holiday and look forward to seeing you for the 2017-18 school year. To those of you moving on from Angola, we wish you the best with your move and hope you stay in touch!


The Year 2 Team

Week of May 29th – June 2nd

Can you believe this was our last full week of school?

Year 2 has been celebrating finishing Charlotte’s Web by watching the movie version. They have been practicing comparing and contrasting the book and the movie, as well as revisiting their recount skills.

In math, 2.1 has been trying more challenging number problems, revisiting patterns, and enjoying their favorite math apps!

On Thursday, Year 2 visited the Year 6 Exhibition. They had connections from their passion projects and from learning throughout the year.

In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.1 worked hard to complete their self-designed passion projects!

They enjoyed sharing their work with their friends in 2.2 and 2.3.

What a fantastic Year 2 Celebration! Thank you for all the delicious snacks, and a big thank you from Ms. Tamara and I for the thoughtful gifts.

On Monday we have our last play date with the Year 1s if students would like to bring games, toys, dolls, or costumes they are welcome! Don’t forget – next Tuesday is Sports Day at 10:15, and Thursday is a half day, with dismissal at 12:00.

Week of May 22nd – 26th

This week in language, 2.1 continued reading Charlotte’sWeb. They brainstormed words that describe her character and created Charlotte out of paper!

They also wrote funny stories. After reading the book So Few of Me, they wrote stories using the prompt:

  • One day I woke up and there were ___ of me! You’ll never guess what happened next…

In math, 2.1 showed their understanding of word problems by writing their own. They were given completed equations and had to create a question to match. Later, they tried answering each other’s problems.

In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.1 began thinking about and planning their final summative assessment of Year 2 – a passion project! They watched the video “Cain’s Arcade” to get inspiration for their projects. They have been challenged to think about their likes, preferences, interests, and abilities, and design a project that they can complete at school next week. Please ask them about their projects and help them gather any materials they might need to bring to school next Monday.

2.1 enjoyed celebrating Pajama Day on Friday!

Pajama Day May 26th

This Friday Student Council is putting on PAJAMA DAY on Friday, May 26th! Students are welcome to come to school in their pajamas. Please see the message from Student Council below:

Dear families, 

On Friday, May 26, the PYP Student Council has organized a Pajama Day. Students from Prep 3-Year 6 are invited to come to school wearing their pajamas. Please ensure your child is wearing safe and school appropriate clothing and shoes.  

Student council members created a promotional video: 

Thank you,

PYP Student Council and Ms. H (

Queridas famílias,

 Na sexta-feira, 26 de maio, o Conselho Estudantil do PYP organizou um Dia do Pajama. Os alunos dos anos 1-6 são convidados a vir para a escola vestindo seus pijamas. Por favor, certifique-se de que seu filho esteja usando roupas e sapatos seguros e escolares.

 Os membros do conselho estudantil criaram um vídeo promocional que foi mostrado às classes Y1-6:


 Conselho Estudantil do PYP e Sra. H ( )

Week of May 15th – 19th

In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.1 continued to think about learning. They realized that learning can occur in many different forms, through many different activities. They spent some time thinking about their individual learning preferences – do you like to work with a partner, in a group, or on your own? Do you learn best when it is quiet or when the music is playing?

We learned that even sleep helps us learn!

2.1 observed learning in Prep, Year 12, and Year 11. They noticed that learning looks different for different year levels because we have different abilities and interests.

They also looked at the Central Idea and rewrote the sentence in their own words.

In language, 2.1 continued developing characters to write fiction stories.

In math, 2.1 reviewed the idea of an open-mindset, understanding that there are many ways to think about the same problem, and often problems have more than one correct answer.

*** Dear Parents, Please be aware that I do not have consistent access to my email. If you need to get in touch right away, please cc the office or call the school to ensure we receive your message. I apologize for any delays in responding to your emails, and I appreciate your patience. **

Week of May 8th – 12th

On Monday we had our playdate with Year 1. After playing students reflected on the games and activities they chose to do. They thought about the skills they developed through their play, and how their interests and abilities affected their choices.

In our Unit of Inquiry, 2.1 began to explore the idea of learning. They shared initial ideas of what learning means:

Then, they visited different classrooms around the school, and made observations. They were observing what the learning looked like, sounded like, and felt like.

In math, they continued to use their data handling skills. They used bar graphs to find out more about their friends in 2.1.

They also conducted interviews to learn what people at LIS think learning means.

And interviewed a friend in the classroom, recording their similarities and differences on a Venn Diagram.

In language, 2.1 continued to build their ability to create detailed and complex characters. They also continued using the format of The Important Book to think about what they think is the most important about our 2.1 classroom and learning.

Have a wonderful weekend! Can you believe there’s only four weeks left of school! Please do let me know if you are planning to leave early for the holidays.

Week of May 2nd – 5th

What a short week!

2.1 had fun at the Swim Gala on Tuesday.

2.1 has been focusing on the concept of identity. They thought about their abilities and the things they do well. They wrote on each others’ papers a list of their friends abilities and skills.

We read the Important Book and followed the pattern of the book, writing our own pages about the sky and everyday objects from the classroom. 2.1 has been practicing writing descriptions and thinking about the different attributes they could describe.

Then students were challenged to use their work from our Unit of Inquiry focusing on their identity, and write a page for a 2.1 Important book – what is important about you?

Year 2 also watched “The Butter Battle” by Dr. Seuss. They discussed how the two groups in the story are different, but how they need to be tolerant of each other’s differences.

On Monday May 8th, we will have another Play Date with Year 1. Again, students are allowed to bring in any toys they wish to play with such as board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, markers, jigsaw puzzles, and lots of other toys. They CANNOT bring in toys that may require batteries or electricity and definitely No devices because the learning that came out of Global Play Day was that we benefit from interaction with peers and not screens. This is also a nice connection to our current Unit of Inquiry, as we reflect on the choices we make during play, and how our interests, personalities, and abilities influence our choices.

Week of April 24th – 28th

This week in language, 2.1 practiced writing in detail about one specific moment. They imagined that their whole weekend was a watermelon and chose one tiny seed to write about. Students worked in partners to share their writing and ask each other questions to help think about where we can add more detail. We also talked about using adjectives to add detail to their descriptions.

In math, 2.1 continued to practice their skills in data handling, using tally marks and bar graphs to record their classmates’ eye colors and hair colors (linking to the idea of physical characteristics in our unit of inquiry).

They also continued to develop their number sense. 2.1 spent some time using the app “Addimals”. They also made connections to our transdisciplinary skill, Metacognition. Metacognition, or thinking about and understanding  our thinking process,  means that students need to be aware of how they solve problems. Using Addimals, they practiced consciously choosing a strategy before they began to solve the problem.

In our unit of inquiry, 2.1 spent some time thinking about our various interests and what is most important to their identity. They created artwork to show their interests and wrote poems about their identity.

2.1 got a first look at our Central Idea. Studying the images, they were easily able to identify the major concepts in the unit – they came up with the big ideas of growing, characteristics, learning, having fun, learning new things, and doings things. These matched incredibly close to our central idea:

Our personal characteristics, abilities, and interests inform our learning and development.

(characteristics) (doing things) (having fun)                      (learning) (growing)

It was great to see so many of you at the P.E. assembly this morning!

Next Tuesday we have the Aquatic Exposition from 11 – 12. Come see 2.1’s swimming skills at the pool!