Week 6 in Year 1.3

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a short but very busy week in Year 1, culminating in a wonderful Peace Day today. We began Peace Day in the homeroom by engaging in a variety of art and craft activities all devoted to the concept of peace. The students used watercolors to paint plates with the peace sign, they decorated doves doing fingerprints and stuck them onto a sky blue background and they made peace flags. We thought about what peace means to each of us and what makes us feel peaceful. All of Year 1 had a special singing class with Ms. Betsy where we sang songs about peace and danced. In the afternoon we marched in the Peace Parade around the school and we attended the Peace Assembly.

In Math this week we have continued working on recognizing and writing numerals and one to one correspondence when counting out objects. The students are working hard to form the numerals correctly when they write them, making sure that they start each number at the top.

In Language this week we have continued thinking about the letters and the sounds they make. We focused in particular on the letter P. The children practiced writing this letter correctly and they brainstormed items starting with this letter.

We had lots of fun with our Year 4 Buddies on Wednesday afternoon. They came to our classroom and we really enjoyed drawing, creating, building blocks and making puzzles with them.

Please enjoy these photos from the week.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Doris

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