Who We Are Unit Update 2

One of the Key Concepts that we are focusing on during our current Unit of Inquiry is ‘Connection.’ In class we have started encouraging the students to think about the people they are connected to. We have introduced the word ‘relationship’ to the children and started talking about what this word means. You could support your child with this at home by talking with them about the various relationships they have, such as with family members, friends, teachers, etc. In the coming weeks the children will record all of the people they are connected to and talk about the different relationships they have.

Please see below for examples of some of the learning and teaching that has taken place over the past two weeks in Year 1.

Identify their feelings and emotions and explain possible causes

We have started to discuss different feelings and emotions. The students have been prompted to think about how our actions can make others feel. We read a book called ‘F is for Feelings’ a while ago which allowed us to explore many different emotions. We will look at the book again in the coming weeks.

Social skills: Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating, resolving conflict

The students have continued developing their social skills through different collaborative tasks. For example, they built another Lego house according to specific criteria in small groups. The students had to cooperate with each other when deciding what the house would look like and also when building it. Afterwards, they reflected on how successfully they had worked together compared to last week. Some conflicts arose during this process when there were disagreements about how the house should look. The children had to try to resolve these conflicts through talking, listening respectfully and coming to an agreement about what to do.

Language: Teachers model shared writing

During writing sessions, the Year 1 teachers have been modeling how to write short true stories using blank three page books. For example, in Y1.3 I have written a story about the day we had the Fire Drill and a story about my move to Angola. The teachers have modelled the process of thinking what to write about, planning the story by touching the pages and telling what they will write, sketching the pictures and then adding the words. The students have then been writing their own three page books following the same process.

We also met our Buddy Class again this week. Inspired by Todd Parr’s “The Peace Book” Year 1.3 and Year 4.1 shared what their ideas of peace were.  Then together they wrote it down, with the Year 4s helping the Year 1s to scribe their thoughts. For Peace Day next week, the artwork from last week and the peace day thoughts from this week are being combined to make a display.

Please enjoy the photos of this week in Y1.3.

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