The end is nearly here…

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a great end of year party! We have 4 days left and the students are getting ready to move on to Year 2. Such an exciting time!

A special thank you to the class mums for organising this and a lovely thank you to all the parents for contributing towards a great Year 1 party. Thank you for all the delicious snacks, and a big thank you from Ms. Juliet and I for the thoughtful and wonderful gifts.

Some important days to remember;

Monday 5th June 2017- PLAY DAY

We will have our last play day session next Monday. Students are allowed to bring in toys (no screens or toys that require batteries).

Tuesday 6th June 2017 – SPORTS DAY 10:10am

Students will enjoy sports day next Tuesday. Please be reminded that students should wear a t-shirt in their house colour. Please see below for your child’s colour.

Green– Suriel, Ariana, Emanuel, Amin, Tucker, Fatima, João Pedro

Blue– Emanuela, Lucas, Tiya, Alessandro, Shazan, Aryan

Yellow– Claire, Khalid, Eiman, Somto, Paolo, Giovanna

Red-Diara, Lily

Thursday 8th 2017- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Please be reminded this is the last day of school for students. Dismissal time: 12:00 noon. Please be here to pick up your child on time as teachers and assistants are required to attend a meeting soon after dismissal.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Bella

Pyjama Day

On Monday, the PYP student council announced that Friday 26th May, would be Pyjama Day. The children were extremely excited and looked forward to this day.

Today they arrived at school with expectant smiles and lots of joy and laughter as they observed their peers arriving at school in their night wear.

To further celebrate this day, at 10.30 -11.30, all three Year 1 classes got together for a collaborative session. They walked through each class and engaged themselves in the varied activities that were set out for them. They enjoyed this opportunity as they mingled and enhanced their social skills through this interaction.


Measuring Length

We inquired into measuring length and the children began by comparing 2 or 3 objects as they estimated and measured which objects were longer, shorter or the same. It was important for the students to use comparative language to solve problems and answer questions.

As children continue to develop their number sense in Year 1, they learn math with concrete materials such as blocks, counters, popsicle sticks, in order to make sense of new math concepts or abstract ideas. When we measure we use these which we call  non-standard measures which means measuring things with cubes, pencils, hands, feet, etc. as long as the items used to measure with are all the same size.

The children worked in pairs and went outside to do their measurement activity. The children measured their bodies by tracing around them with coloured chalk and used unifix cubes to measure the length of each body shape. This learning engagement gave the children a wonderful math experience that incorporated their senses and required them to experiment and make observations.

Reflection on the provocation.

Two weeks ago, we gave the children a provocation and told them that Mr. Chris was so impressed with the children in Prep 4 that he decided that the Prep 4’s were moving to Year 2 and Year 1 would stay in Year 1.

This brought about some tension in the children as they began to think deeply about the provocation. This elicited a lot of emotion and they brainstormed reasons to present to Mr. Chris to convince him why the Prep 4’s should NOT go to Year 2.

Below are some examples of their thinking that prevailed over five days.

  • We know how to read and write and the Prep 4s do not know how to do all this.
  • We can get into groups when the teacher calls the number of groups needed.
  • We know how to add and subtract and they will struggle and won’t like Year 2.
  • They need to grow up first so that the hard work in Year 2 makes sense to them.
  • We can write stories.
  • We know numbers up to 100.

A message was sent to Mr. Chris seeking his audience and Mr. Chris eventually came to have a discussion with the children. He listened to their strong arguments which they hoped would convince him to change his mind. It was a great session and Mr. Chris was very impressed with their justifications and how the children articulated some of their thoughts.

When he finally told them that they had successfully changed his mind and they would go to Year 2….the children all SCREAMED with joy!!

Our last unit of inquiry this academic year

We have begun our last unit of inquiry and this is guided by the Transdisciplinary theme, Where we are in place and time. The unit framework is as follows:

Central idea: Journeys create opportunities to learn about ourselves and our world.

What do we want students to know?

Lines of inquiry:

  • Types of journeys people make
  • Changes and experiences gained from journeys

What do we want students to understand?

Key concepts:

  • Causation-why is it like it is?
  • Change-how is it changing?
  • Reflection-how do we know?

Related concepts:

  • Discovery
  • Transition

 What do we want students to be able to do?

Approaches to learning:

Research Skills: Formulating questions

Communication Skills:  Presenting

What do we want students to feel, value and demonstrate?


  • Independence, appreciation, confidence, curiosity

How do we want students to act?

Learner Profile Attributes:

  • Reflective, open-minded, inquirers

How can you help at home?

At the end of the unit we will ask your child to bring items from home relating to significant experiences and journeys in their lives. Please help them choose and collect those items and talk with him/her about what it means to them. Please make sure you frame your conversation according to the above unit information.


Year 1 Team

Reflections on HWEO assembly

We are so proud of the Year 1s for being confident risk-takers by sharing their stories with the school community.  The students also clearly demonstrated their communication skills: presenting and viewing, which they developed during the course of this unit,

Thank you to all the mums and dads that came to see the Year 1 assembly. It was great to see so many parents and the awesome attendance amazed even the children. One little girl said:

“I have never seen the room so full of people: in fact there has never been that many people in there.”

The children not only worked hard but also had a wonderful time rehearsing their play, which was inspired by the programme ‘Sesame Street’.

Here are some of the reflections that were expressed by the children:

“I was surprised because there was so many people in the room.”

“I was happy because both my mum and my sister watched my performance.”

“I was excited because I expressed myself really well.”

“I was so happy because the children were laughing.”

“I was happy because it was exciting when I saw the whole crowd.”


As they walked into class this morning, the children were very excited as they shared some of their parents’ feedback.

“My mum said that I expressed myself well.”

“My mum liked the performance because I spoke really loud.”

“My mum and dad said I did a fantastic job!”

“My mum said she liked the play and was proud of me.”

“My mum said that the play was very good and she was happy to see me on stage.”

“My dad said it was a WOW performance.”

“My mum took a video and she was so happy she showed it to my dad.”

Everyone was excited and we also thoroughly enjoyed watching the performances from the children in Year 1.1 and 1.2.

Reflections on Monday Play Time

Once again, the children had a wonderful and exhilarating day today.

As a follow up to celebrating Global School Play Day that took place on Wednesday 1st February, an essential agreement was made by both the teachers and students to schedule the first Monday of each new month to enable the children enjoy the benefits of unstructured play.

This morning, from 9.45 to 11.45am, the children immersed themselves in explorations, discoveries, forming new friendships, improving social skills, increasing communication skills and just having lots of fun. It was interesting to see that due to the intense heat and humidity, the children, on their own accord, moved their play into classrooms where they harnessed their imagination by creating a stimulating environment.

“Kids who are allowed to play freely have greater social success as adults” -Greve, Thomsen and T. Dehio

It was a day well spent and the children are now looking forward to freely playing once again in May.

Reminder-Earth Day Pictures

Dear parents,

Before the holiday, we requested that families take pictures of the beautiful nature of the Earth. Please look at the poster and send me any pictures that you took over the break to my email:

For the Earth Day Photo Contest, these pictures will be judged in respective classes according to the criteria that has been highlighted on the poster. The selected pictures will then be displayed for all during the celebrations that LIS will have on Friday 21st April when the whole world will be celebrating World Earth Day.


Monday Play Day!

Dear Parents,

On Monday, 10th April we will have another opportunity for our children to have unstructured play time. Unlike in February, when Play Day was scheduled for the whole day, this will only happen during period 3 and 4 after the morning break.

We will allow the children to bring in one toy they wish to play with such as a board game, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, markers, jigsaw puzzles, and lots of other toys. They CANNOT bring a toy that may require batteries or electricity and definitely No devices because the importance of this day is to interact with peers and not screens.

Have a great weekend!