100 Day Celebration

Dear Parents,

Since the first day of this school year, the students in Year 1 have been counting each day that we have come to school. This coming Thursday, 8th February, will be our 100th day of school. We are going to mark this day with a small celebration for the children. They will be able to visit all three Year 1 classes and work with the teachers and assistants on fun activities connected to the number 100. For example, the students will have the opportunity to make Dalmatian pictures with 100 spots, build models with 100 pieces and make sun glasses in the shape of the number 100.

You might like to talk about this event with your child at home and help them to prepare something to share in class on this day. For example, students could bring in a bag with 100 pieces of lego or pasta in it, make a picture out of 100 dots or draw 100 tally marks. This is completely optional, but could be a fun way of sparking discussions about numbers at home.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

The Year 1 Team

Week 19 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

There is a lot of exciting new learning going on in Year 1! Our How We Express Ourselves unit is providing the students with many wonderful opportunities to be creative.

We have been working on poetry during our writing sessions. The students have explored writing various poems including colour poems, mood poems, sound poems and shape poems. The children noticed that poems sometimes rhyme, but not always. They also noticed that poems can contain patterned language that is repeated throughout the poem. We’ve enjoyed reading lots of poetry during shared reading time.

As well as expressing ourselves through poetry, we have been exploring how people can express themselves through stories. The class have been learning about how interesting characters are an important element in good stories. We read ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert Munsch and discussed the personality traits and physical appearances of the three characters in the story. The students enjoyed using clay to make models of their own characters, such as super heroes and animals, that they will later be able to use when creating and acting out their own stories. The children have been given lots of time to engage in dressing up, role play and small world play as often wonderful ideas for stories are generated through play. For example, they made a ‘Dinosaur Kingdom’ complete with a volcano, river and lake using dinosaur figures and nature blocks.

During Math sessions we have been focusing on the concept of addition. We have thought about the purpose of the addition sign and the equals sign and practised writing our own addition equations. The students have been creating and drawing their own addition story problems and writing the addition equations to match them. For example, for the equation 5+5=10 a student created and illustrated this story problem, ‘One shark has five teeth and another shark has five teeth. How many shark teeth are there altogether?’

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian




Week 16 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for attending the Celebration of Learning this week. The students were incredibly excited to share their learning with you and clearly enjoyed having you visit their classroom. They did a wonderful job of taking about their musical instruments, sharing their teaching books about caring for the planet, showing you their nature photography and guiding you around the other work they had on display in the classroom. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

We are coming to the end of our Sharing the Planet unit and so have been busy this week finishing off various tasks. During writing sessions the students have worked on publishing a favourite teaching book to keep in their Writing Progress Folders. Next week I will be sending home the other teaching books that the children have been working on in recent weeks. When you find some spare time over the vacation, please encourage your child to share these books with you.

This week in Math we have been reviewing the 2D shapes and 3D solids we have been learning about. We have also continued our work on the numbers 11 to 20. The students practised using mathematical vocabulary such as more than/less than and greater than/smaller than to compare teen numbers.

During unit time the students have enjoyed nature scavenger hunts around the school and more time in class enjoying junk modelling. They also made a representation of their nature photograph using charcoal.

Next Wednesday (13th December) at 2:10 the Year 1 students will be performing at the Primary School assembly. The plan is for them to get the assembly off to a great start by marching in while playing the instruments they made in Music class. You are very welcome to attend this event.

Please enjoy the two slide shows of photos from this week!

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian

Week 14 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

As you know, one of the projects that the Year 1 students are currently working on in connection with our current unit is to make musical instruments using recycled materials. It has been wonderful to see how motivated the children are by this project. They are busy tapping, scratching and shaking the things they find to see if they make an interesting sound. Many students have made their own instruments at home and have brought them in to share. This is a great example of the children taking action based on their learning at school. Thank you so much to those of you who were able to support the students in making their musical instruments during Ms. Betsy’s Music class this week. Your help was greatly appreciated. We have been working in a similar way in class to turn ‘trash’ to ‘treasure’ by making models out of the recycled materials you have kindly sent in from home.

One of the scientific skills that we are helping the students to develop is the ability to look really closely and thoughtfully when observing the natural world. This week we practiced this by going outside to take ‘nature photographs’ on iPads. The children each had their own iPad to work with. Next week we will use the iPads again to take ‘zoomed in’ nature photos.

Ms. Rose came to class to talk with us about the process of turning food waste into compost. The students had become interested in this when they visited the teacher’s vegetable garden. Ms. Rose spoke to us about how to make compost and then took us to look at the compost bins in school so that the children could see the process first hand. Many of the students were able to make the connection between composting and minimising waste.

In Math we have been focusing on the vocabulary associated with position, location and direction. The students have been learning to give and follow directions such as forwards, backwards, left and right. One way that we approached this was to play a game where the students worked with a partner to take turns being a robot and a scientist. The scientist’s job was to guide the robot around the playground by giving clear instructions such a ‘Forward one step, left one step, right on step, etc.’ It was a great way for the children to practice their collaboration skills as well as to develop their mathematical vocabulary. Another way we have used directional language was when guiding a counter around various mazes and when designing our own mazes. We have also been focusing on the numbers 11 to 20. The students are increasingly aware of the fact that a number such as 12 is made up of one group of ten and two more.

In writing we have continued working on writing teaching books. This week we thought about the purpose of a book’s title and how it often gives us a good idea of what the book will be about. This is especially true of non-fiction books. The students have been creating and writing titles for some of their own teaching books, such as, ‘How to Care for Cats,’ ‘Jellyfish’ and ‘ABC Alphabet Book.’ This week the students had lots of fun thinking about the sounds they have been studying when we went on a sound hunt around the school. Each student had five letters to focus on and they had to find real life examples of items beginning with their sounds in the school environment. For example, they found ants, an apple core and Mr. Antonio starting with the letter a.

Please enjoy these photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian



Week 10 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me at your child’s conference. It was great to get the opportunity to share your child’s learning with you and to set new goals for future learning.

This week in class we began work on our new unit of inquiry. The central idea for this unit is: Our actions can make a difference to the environment we share. We began by discussing what this central idea means. ‘Environment’ was a new word for many of the students and so we spent time thinking about some different kinds of environments, such as forests, oceans and cities. It would be great if you could talk with your child at home about what an environment is. The children already had lots of ideas about things that people should avoid doing in order to care for the planet, such as not leaving trash on the beach. We decided to go on a ‘Trash Hunt’ around the school in order to assess how well the LIS community care for their own environment. We photographed any trash we found and then put it in the bin.

In Math we started work on the ‘Shape and Space’ strand of our Math programme. We focused on 3D solids, particularly cubes, cuboids (also called rectangular prisms), spheres, pyramids and cones. The students went on a shape hunt to find real life examples of these 3D solids in the school environment. For instance, they noticed that the air conditioner units are cuboids and that the balls in the gym are spheres. The students also made their own 3D solids out of card and tape. They had to draw around the net of the solid they had chosen, fold it carefully and then stick the edges together.

During writing time we are now working on writing ‘Teaching Books.’ The students think about something they know a lot about and then write a book to teach others about it too. Some of their ideas for teaching books included ‘How to Care for Rabbits,’ ‘How to Play Football’ and ‘How to Speak Portuguese.’ We have also been focusing on the letter s. It’s a tricky one to write and we practised it outside using chalk as well as in our Handwriting Books.

We had lots of fun with our Buddies this week making Halloween crafts. In connection with our current unit, the students reused materials such as empty plastic bottles, cereal boxes and cans to make models of monsters, candy collection boxes and other spooky things.

Athletics Day was a great success and a lot of fun despite the rain. Thank you to those of you who were able to come along and support the children. A big thank you also goes to the PE Department for planning such a well organized event.

Please enjoy these photos from the week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian

Week 8 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, all students participated in Olympics Day. The children had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see them working together with the older students to complete the games and challenges. These included:

  • Moving around a course with their legs tied to other student’s legs
  • Getting the entire team across the field without stepping on the grass when using only three mats to help
  • Completing an obstacle course while avoiding being hit by balls thrown by the opposing team

These activities provided the students with a great opportunity to apply what they have learned in class about how to collaborate well with others and work as a team.

In Writing this week we have focused on adding labels to the sketches we draw when making books. For example, the students have been writing their own names or ‘me’ above pictures of themselves. They have also been encouraged to label the other objects and characters in their stories, such as ‘mum,’ ‘dad’, the names of their friends or ‘bed’ and ‘toy’.

Our writing program is differentiated so that all students are supported and feel successful at whatever stage of writing they are at. For example, some students are taking a guess at how to write words using random letters they know, some are writing only the first letter of words (such as ‘h’ for house), some are writing all the sounds they can hear (such as ‘str’ for sister), and a few are aiming for sentences and more accurate spelling.

We also spent time this week reviewing all of the letters and sounds that we have studied so far this school year. For example, the children had to match items to their correct initial sound. During reading lessons we have focused on one-to-one correspondence (one spoken word for each written word) and initial sounds to check words. It really helps if the children point at each word as they say it as this makes their reading more thoughtful and accurate.

In Math we have been exploring the order of numbers within the number system. For example, students have been putting number cards in order from the smallest to the largest. They have been playing a game called ‘Top It’ where the partner who draws the highest number card gets to keep both cards and the player with the most cards at the end is the winner. We have also been practicing how to write the numeral 8. It’s a tricky one and you might like to practice this a little more with your child at home.

Our UOI sessions have focused on how the people we have relationships with can make us feel different things depending on the situation. For example, the children said they sometimes feel unhappy when their mum asks them to eat food they don’t like or to go to bed (although we also spoke about how our mothers know what is best for us!). They said how they feel happy when their mum hugs them, reads to them or gives them food they like.

During our Buddy session we made a ‘Friendship Wall’ with the Y5 students. The children worked with their buddies to draw and write about some of the things that good friends do.

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Miss Gillian

Hats and Water Bottles

Dear Parents,

Please make sure that your child brings a hat and a water bottle to school every day. Our P.E. lessons are now taking place outside on the field and it is of great importance that all children wear hats for sun protection and bring water bottles to stay hydrated.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Year 1 and P.E. Teams

List of Songs from Ms. Betsy

Dear Y1 Parents,

Posted here are the songs we have been singing in music class. Some are in the form of an audio file and some are in the form of a youtube video.
Please have fun at home singing these songs and any more you may know with our year 1 singers!
Also, I will be updating this post periodically as we add songs throughout the year.
Happy Singing!

Kind Regards,
Ms. Betsy
PYP Music Teacher

Make New Friends- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMAxP-95yn4

The Sharing Song- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu2C4xylXwY

Shalom Chaverim- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRZaop5ZoJA (we sing only the English Version)

I Will Be Your Friend- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3dBeHCQFZ8

The Wheels on the Bus- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki_R_4FcFK0

Shake my Sillies Out- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb_2CQmfqoA

Kye Kye Kule-See attached

Hey Yo- See Attached

What a Wonderful World- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddLd0QRf7Vg


Week 6 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a short but very busy week in Year 1, culminating in a wonderful Peace Day today. We began Peace Day in the homeroom by engaging in a variety of art and craft activities all devoted to the theme of peace. The students used paint to decorate plates with the peace sign, they coloured and cut out peace doves and stuck them onto a sky blue background and they made peace flags. We thought about what peace means to each of us and what makes us feel peaceful. All of Year 1 had a special singing class with Ms. Betsy where we sang songs about peace and danced. In the afternoon we marched in the Peace Parade around the school and we attended the Peace Assembly.

In Math this week we have continued working on recognising and writing numerals and one to one correspondence when counting out objects. The students are working hard to form the numerals correctly when they write them, making sure that they start each number at the top. In Language this week we have continued thinking about the letters and the sounds they make. We focused in particular on the letter P. The children practiced writing this letter correctly and they brainstormed items starting with this letter, or even ending with this letter. Some of the students used pastels to do observational ‘pumpkin’ pictures, which was a great opportunity to develop the skill of looking really closely at something. We have continued working hard on reading, especially independent reading, where the students practice reading a selection of books that are at their ‘just right’ level.

We had fun with our Year 5 Buddies on Wednesday afternoon. We invited them to our classroom to support us with building models using the various construction equipment we have, including lego, wooden blocks, the marble run and play dough. The Year 1 children really enjoy this special time with their older friends.

Please enjoy these photos from the week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian

Week 4 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to those of you who came to the Back To School Night presentation on Thursday evening. We really appreciated your time and hope that you found the session informative. For those of you who were not able to attend, please click on this link to see the slideshow the Year 1 team presented.

We’ve had a busy week in Year 1.2! On Wednesday we had our first Buddy Session with Mr. Perico’s Year 5 class. The students spent some time finding out about each other by sharing their interests and the things they enjoy doing. We then played outside in the sand together. As the children get to know each other better and begin to form friendships we will match each Y1.2 student up with a Year 5 buddy.

We have started work learning the letter sounds and names in Year 1. So far we have focused on the ‘m’ and ‘t’ sounds. We have brainstormed items that begin with these letters, hunted for these letters during shared reading sessions and enjoyed craft activities connected to them. For example, some students made tree collages in the shape of a ‘T.’ We have also spent time learning to write these letters correctly by painting giant letters and practicing them in our handwriting books. Next week we will begin work on the letter ‘a.’ We are working hard to reinforce how important a correct pencil grip is and would appreciate your support with this at home.

Our Math work this week has focused on one to one correspondence with numbers. Students have been counting carefully to match up the correct number of objects with given numerals. They have also been playing a game called ‘Grab and Count’ where they grab a handful of math manipulatives, count them and then record what they grabbed. We have continued work on recognizing and writing numerals correctly.

We have continued thinking about different kinds of relationships we have. This week we have focused on friendship. The students listened to and discussed a book called ‘Friendliness.’ They spent time brainstorming all the ways to be a good friend to others. Some of their ideas included:

  • Always say “yes” when somebody asks if they can play with you
  • Always say “yes” when somebody asks if they can sit with you at lunchtime
  • Share
  • Be nice to people
  • Look after people when they are sad

The students role played different friendship scenarios and spoke about what would be a friendly way to behave in each one.

Mr. Dylan came to read the class a story today about a tiger who lost his smile. He spoke with the students about how they should always help anyone around the school if they seem sad or worried.

Please click on this link to access the Google Folder where I store all the photos that I take of student learning in Y1.2. This will allow you to save and keep any photos of your child that you like. Click Here!

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian