Week 19 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

There is a lot of exciting new learning going on in Year 1! Our How We Express Ourselves unit is providing the students with many wonderful opportunities to be creative.

We have been working on poetry during our writing sessions. The students have explored writing various poems including colour poems, mood poems, sound poems and shape poems. The children noticed that poems sometimes rhyme, but not always. They also noticed that poems can contain patterned language that is repeated throughout the poem. We’ve enjoyed reading lots of poetry during shared reading time.

As well as expressing ourselves through poetry, we have been exploring how people can express themselves through stories. The class have been learning about how interesting characters are an important element in good stories. We read ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert Munsch and discussed the personality traits and physical appearances of the three characters in the story. The students enjoyed using clay to make models of their own characters, such as super heroes and animals, that they will later be able to use when creating and acting out their own stories. The children have been given lots of time to engage in dressing up, role play and small world play as often wonderful ideas for stories are generated through play. For example, they made a ‘Dinosaur Kingdom’ complete with a volcano, river and lake using dinosaur figures and nature blocks.

During Math sessions we have been focusing on the concept of addition. We have thought about the purpose of the addition sign and the equals sign and practised writing our own addition equations. The students have been creating and drawing their own addition story problems and writing the addition equations to match them. For example, for the equation 5+5=10 a student created and illustrated this story problem, ‘One shark has five teeth and another shark has five teeth. How many shark teeth are there altogether?’

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian




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