Week 14 in Y1.2

Dear Parents,

As you know, one of the projects that the Year 1 students are currently working on in connection with our current unit is to make musical instruments using recycled materials. It has been wonderful to see how motivated the children are by this project. They are busy tapping, scratching and shaking the things they find to see if they make an interesting sound. Many students have made their own instruments at home and have brought them in to share. This is a great example of the children taking action based on their learning at school. Thank you so much to those of you who were able to support the students in making their musical instruments during Ms. Betsy’s Music class this week. Your help was greatly appreciated. We have been working in a similar way in class to turn ‘trash’ to ‘treasure’ by making models out of the recycled materials you have kindly sent in from home.

One of the scientific skills that we are helping the students to develop is the ability to look really closely and thoughtfully when observing the natural world. This week we practiced this by going outside to take ‘nature photographs’ on iPads. The children each had their own iPad to work with. Next week we will use the iPads again to take ‘zoomed in’ nature photos.

Ms. Rose came to class to talk with us about the process of turning food waste into compost. The students had become interested in this when they visited the teacher’s vegetable garden. Ms. Rose spoke to us about how to make compost and then took us to look at the compost bins in school so that the children could see the process first hand. Many of the students were able to make the connection between composting and minimising waste.

In Math we have been focusing on the vocabulary associated with position, location and direction. The students have been learning to give and follow directions such as forwards, backwards, left and right. One way that we approached this was to play a game where the students worked with a partner to take turns being a robot and a scientist. The scientist’s job was to guide the robot around the playground by giving clear instructions such a ‘Forward one step, left one step, right on step, etc.’ It was a great way for the children to practice their collaboration skills as well as to develop their mathematical vocabulary. Another way we have used directional language was when guiding a counter around various mazes and when designing our own mazes. We have also been focusing on the numbers 11 to 20. The students are increasingly aware of the fact that a number such as 12 is made up of one group of ten and two more.

In writing we have continued working on writing teaching books. This week we thought about the purpose of a book’s title and how it often gives us a good idea of what the book will be about. This is especially true of non-fiction books. The students have been creating and writing titles for some of their own teaching books, such as, ‘How to Care for Cats,’ ‘Jellyfish’ and ‘ABC Alphabet Book.’ This week the students had lots of fun thinking about the sounds they have been studying when we went on a sound hunt around the school. Each student had five letters to focus on and they had to find real life examples of items beginning with their sounds in the school environment. For example, they found ants, an apple core and Mr. Antonio starting with the letter a.

Please enjoy these photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gillian



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