Personal choices that can help care for the environment

Dear Parents,

We are continuing to work hard in Year 1 on our Sharing the Planet unit. The line of inquiry that has been driving a great deal of our learning over the past few weeks is: Personal choices that can help care for the environment. The students have been working on their own teaching books about the actions we can take to look after the planet. They are really looking forward to sharing these books with you during our celebration of learning next Thursday 7th December from 8:30 – 9:00.

Another area we have been focusing on is: Responsibility – investigating ways that familiar materials can be reused. The students have been thoroughly enjoying being creative by using recycled materials to make new resources, toys and other things from empty boxes, cardboard tubes, egg cartons and other materials that might otherwise be thrown away.

When writing their own teaching books about caring for the planet, the students have been encouraged to come up with ideas on how to protect our environment.

We have been focusing on the numbers 11 to 20. The students are increasingly aware of the fact that a number such as 13 is made up of one group of ten and three more. We also continued focusing on Shape and Space during our Math sessions through constructing 3D structures with at least three of the 3D shapes they have learned.

One of the scientific skills that we are helping the students to develop is the ability to look really closely and thoughtfully when observing the natural world.

Enjoy this week photos!






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