Week 8 in Year 1.1

Dear Parents,

The students in Y1.1 had a fantastic time at the Olympics Day on Tuesday. It was wonderful to see them working together with the older students to complete the games and challenges. These included:

  • Moving around a course with their legs tied to other student’s legs
  • Getting the entire team across the field without stepping on the grass when using only three mats to help

These activities provided the students with a great opportunity to apply what they have learned in class about how to collaborate well with others and work as a team.

In writing this week we have focused on adding labels to the sketches we draw when making books. The students are learning that this makes it easier for others to understand and enjoy our books. For example, they have been writing their own names or ‘me’ above pictures of themselves.

Our writing program is differentiated so that all students are supported and feel successful at whatever stage of writing they are at. For example, some students are taking a guess at how to write words using random letters they know, some are writing only the first letter of words (such as ‘h’ for house),  some are writing all the sounds they can hear (such as ‘str’ for sister), and a few are aiming for full sentences and accurate spelling. We also spent time this week reviewing all of the letters/sounds that we have studied so far this school year.

During reading lessons we have focused on one spoken word for each written word. It really helps if the children point at each word as they say it as this makes their reading more thoughtful and accurate.

In Math we have been exploring the order of numbers within the number system by ordering numbers and some students were ready to explore different ways numbers can be made. We have also  been practicing how to write the numeral 8. It’s a tricky one and you might like to practice this a little more with your child at home.

Our UOI sessions have focused on how the people we have relationships with can make us feel different things depending on the situation.

During our Buddy session we engaged in different activities, but our favourite one is to play in the big playground.

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Kind regards,

Ms. Georgina

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