Week 6

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a short but very busy week in Year 1, culminating in a wonderful Peace Day today. We began Peace Day in the homeroom by engaging in a craft activity devoted to the concept of peace. We thought about what peace means to each of us and what makes us feel peaceful. All of Year 1 had a special singing class with Ms. Betsy where we sang songs about peace and danced. In the afternoon we marched in the Peace Parade around the school and we attended the Peace Assembly.

In Math this week we have continued working on recognising and writing numerals and one to one correspondence when counting out objects. The students are working hard to form the numerals correctly when they write them, making sure that they start each number at the top.

In Language this week we have continued thinking about the letters and the sounds they make. We focused in particular on the letter P. The children practiced writing this letter correctly and they brainstormed items starting with this letter, or even ending with this letter. 

We had fun with our Year 5 Buddies on Wednesday afternoon. We invited them to our classroom and we reflected together about How can we have peace at school. The Year 1 children really enjoy this special time with their older friends.

Please enjoy these photos from the week.

Kind regards,








Up to 60 ………. LIS parents and their children
(Years 1 to 6 only)

6……….reading areas with expert readers

A dash……….of FUN – come dressed in your PJs, pillows and favorite stuffed animals welcome


Combine the above in the LIS Primary Library on Wednesday 4 October 2017 at 6:30pm. Enjoy great books and company for one hour.

Entry fee (to be donated to the children of Casa das Crianças): a pack of NEW colored pencils, markers or writing paper per family.

Spaces are limited! To attend Family Reading Night, please complete sign-up HERE.

QUESTIONS? Contact prilibrary@lisluanda.com or pop into the Primary Library





Até 60……….Pais e alunos da LIS
(apenas dos Anos 1 a 6)

6……….áreas de leitura diferentes, com leitores experientes

Uma pitada de……….DIVERSÃO – vistam o pijama, tragam uma almofada e o vosso peluche favorito


Misturem todos os ingredientes na Biblioteca da Primária da LIS na Quarta-feira, 4 de Outubro de 2017, às 18:30. Deixem(-se) repousar durante uma hora, na companhia de bons livros.

Valor da entrada (a ser doado às crianças da Casa das Crianças): uma caixa nova de lápis de cor, marcadores ou papel de escrita por família.

Os lugares são limitados! Para participar na Noite de Leitura em Família, preencha por favor esta ficha de inscrição.

Dúvidas? Contacte-nos pelo email prilibrary@lisluanda.com, ou apareça na Biblioteca da Primária

Who We Are – Week 5

One of the Key Concepts that we are focusing on during our current Unit of Inquiry is ‘Connection.’ In class we have started encouraging the students to think about the people they are connected to. We have introduced the word ‘relationship’ to the children and started talking about what this word means. You could support your child with this at home by talking with them about the various relationships they have, such as with family members, friends, teachers, etc. In the coming weeks the children will record all of the people they are connected to and talk about the different relationships they have.

Please see below for examples of some of the learning and teaching that has taken place over the past two weeks in Year 1.

Identify their feelings and emotions and explain possible causes

The students brainstormed all of the feelings that they could think of, such as excited, angry, happy and sad. Later in the week, we read a book called ‘F is for Feelings’ which provided us with many more different emotions to discuss, such as afraid and brave.

Social skills: Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating, resolving conflict

The students have continued developing their social skills through different collaborative tasks. For example, they were asked to work in small groups to build a Lego house. The students had to cooperate with each other when deciding what the house would look like and also when building it. Some conflicts arose during this process when there were disagreements about how the house should look. The children had to try to resolve these conflicts through talking, listening respectfully and coming to an agreement about what to do.

Language: Teachers model shared writing

During writing sessions, the Year 1 teachers have been modeling how to write short true stories using blank three page books. The teachers have modelled the process of thinking what to write about, planning the story by touching the pages and telling what they will write, sketching the pictures and then adding the words. The students have then been writing their own three page books following the same process. Some of their stories are from real life and others are imaginative.

Please enjoy the photos of this week in Y1.1.




Week 4 in Year 1.1

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to those of you who came to the Back To School Night presentation on Thursday evening. We really appreciated your time and hope that you found the session informative. For those of you who were not able to attend, please click on this link to see the slideshow the Year 1 team presented.

We’ve had a busy week in Year 1.1! On Wednesday we had our first Buddy Session with Ms. Selina’s Year 5 class. The students spent some time talking with their buddies about what PEACE means to them. We have started inquiring into the letter sounds and names in Year 1. So far we have focused on the ‘m’ and ‘t’ sounds. We have brainstormed items that begin with these letters, hunted for these letters during shared reading sessions and enjoyed craft activities connected to them. For example, some students made tree collages in the shape of a ‘T.’ We have also spent time learning to write these letters correctly by practicing them in our handwriting books. Next week we will begin work on the letter ‘a.’ We are working hard to reinforce how important a correct pencil grip is and would appreciate your support with this at home.

Our Math work this week has focused on one to one correspondence with numbers. Students have been counting carefully to match up the correct number of objects with given numerals. They have also been playing a game called ‘Grab and Count’ where they grab a handful of math manipulatives, count them and then record what they grabbed. We have continued work on recognizing and writing numerals correctly.

We have continued thinking about different kinds of relationships we have. This week we have focused on friendship. They spent time brainstorming how friendship looks like, feels like and sounds like. Some of their ideas included:

  • Looks like being nice, caring and sharing
  • Feels nice, feels like a kiss,
  • Sounds like a loud sound and someone saying sorry after pushing a friend

Mr. Dylan came to read the class a story today about a tiger who lost his smile. He spoke with the students about how they should always help anyone around the school if they seem sad or worried.

Please enjoy the photos of the student’s learning in Y1.1.

Kind regards,


Unit of Inquiry Information: Who We Are

The Year 1 students have got off to a great start with the first Unit of Inquiry of the year, Who We Are. This is a wonderful unit to start the school year with as the focus is on relationships. The central idea of this unit is: Our relationships with others contribute to our well-being. The unit provides us with the opportunity to guide and support the students as they work on developing relationships with their new classmates and teachers. We will also spend time inquiring into the important relationships the students have outside of school.

Please see below some of the learning and teaching that has happened so far in Year 1.

Social skills: Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating, resolving conflict
The students have been put in teams with classmates to work collaboratively on group projects. For example, students were given a large piece of paper and asked to work in a small group to create a painting together. The task required them to share their own ideas and listen to the ideas of others, being respectful of suggestions that were different to their own. They had to cooperate with each other when deciding what to paint, when doing the painting and when sharing the materials. Afterwards they reflected on this task and thought about what went well and how any conflicts that arose were solved.

Language: Students will write their names with upper and lowercase letters
It is important at this stage in Year 1 that each student learns how to write their name clearly and neatly using an uppercase letter at the beginning and with all other letters written in lowercase. Each lowercase letter starts at the top. We have been practicing this daily in class, for example by asking students to write their name on each piece of work they produce and through more formal handwriting sessions.

Language: Using their own experience as a stimulus when drawing and “writing”
During writing time the students are working on an ‘All About Me Book’. They have included lots of information about themselves, their family members, favourite things and activities they enjoy. Next week we will publish these books and share them with classmates.

Mathematics: Data Handling – Understand that sets can be organised by different attributes
The students have been sorting and organizing a variety of Math manipulatives. For example, they worked in groups to sort 2 dimensional shapes. First they needed to decide how they wanted to sort them, for example by color, shape, number of sides, etc. Then they worked as a team to organize all of the shapes according to these attributes. They shared their work with their classmates, explaining how they had chosen to categorize the shapes.

Mathematics: Data Handling – Understand information about themselves and their surroundings can be obtained in different ways
The class has been working together to collect data about themselves and others. They have then created graphs to show the information they found. For example, they have created a birthday graph and a graph showing the eye colour of everybody in the class.

Please enjoy the photos from this week in Y1.1.

Week 2 in Year 1.1

Dear Parents,

For the past two weeks we have spent time getting to know each other, establishing essential agreements (class rules), drawing about the things we like the most and writing on an ALL ABOUT ME poster some information about ourselves. This week it was very visible that the students are feeling more confident about the routines in Year 1.

The main learning engagements that the children have been involved were: drawing their family portraits showing all the people in their family; drawing their self-portrait and making a collage of their main features; finding their home country in our class map.

In Math time we are working on number recognition and one to one correspondence, by matching the number of objects to the numeral they correspond with. We did some data handling when we made a graph showing the different eye colours in class. Also, in small groups we spent time practicing writing the numerals 0 and 1 and exploring what these quantities really mean in practice.

In Language time we started to explore name writing with upper and lowercase letters and each child has started to add a writing piece to their journal, which at this stage can mean a drawing with the first letter of a word or just the drawing or the drawing with one word.

During exploration and discovery time, some students are making books and they have been encouraged to talk about the stories they have created.

This week we have enjoyed reading lots of books with the students and finding out how well they comprehend what they have heard or read.

By this coming Monday, the Year 1 team will start sending reading books home with the children, please read the letter sent in your child’s home folder today.

Please sign in for our parent teacher connection meeting. I am looking forward to getting to know you and  finding out valuable information about your child, so I can better support his/her learning.

Note: Please send a family photo in your child’s home folder as soon as possible or a digital photo to my email.


  • Please make sure that your child comes to school with a hat and a water bottle.
  • As mentioned in our procedures and expectations in Year 1 letter, please ensure your child’s snack is a healthy one! For example: a sandwich, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers. Soda, chocolate, gum and candy are not allowed at school.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kind regards,

Ms. Georgina

Procedures and Expectations for Year 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year! The Year 1 team is very excited to have your child in our classes.

We look forward to working together to build a happy, supportive and stimulating classroom community.

Please read the below link to familiarize yourself on how we proceed in Year 1 and what we expect from you and your child.

Procedures and Expectations 2017:2018-2me5lzd



Year 1 Team


Welcome to Year 1.1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 1.1, my name is Georgina Angélica and I will be your child’s teacher for this academic year. This is my sixth year at Luanda International School. Previously, I taught in Portugal and England. I’m originally from Portugal, but I have been teaching abroad for ten years now. To assist me is Ms. Marlene Satuta who has been working at Luanda International School for six years as well. Previously, she worked at our school Early Learning Center before moving to Year 1.  We look forward to getting to know both you and your children. 

This year our main means of communication to parents about learning in Year 1 will be through our class blog. On this blog, I will be sharing information about the students’ learning engagements, the curriculum, photos and some recommendations about how you, as parents, can assist your child’s learning.  I not only recommend that you check the blog regularly, but I also advise you to subscribe to our blog so that you can receive a weekly email with links to the newest postings. We hope you will enjoy seeing many of the exciting things we will be getting up to this year and take the time to discuss the blog posts with your child.

Single subject classes 1.1




















Students have their own Home Folder which is used for parent-teacher communication and Home Reading. Please bring the folder to school every day.

Please ensure that each day your child has a labelled bottle of water and a hat.

Swimming: Include a swimsuit, towel and flip flops in a separate bag. Students are required to independently change themselves after swim class, and we appreciate your support on this initiative at home.

PE: Students should come to school in appropriate shoes for running and other activities. If your child cannot tie their own shoelaces, please ensure they have shoes without laces (e.g. Velcro).

Library: Parents need to supply library bags for books (big enough to accommodate large books).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,