Our summative assessment and last blog of the school year

Dear Parents,

For our summative assessment each child had to present the story of their unique journey artefact. The students were encouraged to describe and explain which journeys they have been to and what they have learned. The students watching asked many questions at the end of each presentation, an evidence of the research skill we focused during this unit – formulating questions.

Well, our journey in Year 1 came to an end and I hope you are proud of your child achievements. It was a wonderful year!

Thank you for your support and a  big thank you to the class parents and reading volunteers!

I hope you have a great holiday and look forward to seeing you for the 2017-18 school year. To those of you moving on from Angola, we wish you the best with your move.


Keep calm because only four days to go!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a great end of year party! We have 4 days left and the students are getting ready to move on to Year 2. Such an exciting time! Some important days to remember;

Monday 5th June 2017- PLAY DAY

We will have our last play day next Monday. Students are allowed to bring in toys (no screens or toys that require batteries).

Tuesday 6th June 2017 – SPORTS DAY 10:10am

Students will enjoy sports day next Tuesday. Please be reminded that students should wear a t-shirt in their house colour.

Thursday 8th 2017- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Please be reminded this is the last day of school for students.

Dismissal time: 12:00 noon

Please be here to pick up your child on time as teachers and assistants are required to meet soon after dismissal.

Pajama Day this Friday, May 26!

Dear families, 

On Friday, May 26, the PYP Student Council has organized a Pajama Day. Students from Prep 3-Year 6 are invited to come to school wearing their pajamas. Please ensure your child is wearing safe and school appropriate clothing and shoes.  

Student council members created a promotional video: https://youtu.be/nmUlUyohlOo. 

Thank you,

PYP Student Council and Ms. H (hhendrickson@lisluanda.com)

Queridas famílias,

 Na sexta-feira, 26 de maio, o Conselho Estudantil do PYP organizou um Dia do Pajama. Os alunos dos anos 1-6 são convidados a vir para a escola vestindo seus pijamas. Por favor, certifique-se de que seu filho esteja usando roupas e sapatos seguros e escolares.

 Os membros do conselho estudantil criaram um vídeo promocional que foi mostrado às classes Y1-6: https://youtu.be/nmUlUyohlOo.


 Conselho Estudantil do PYP e Sra. H (hhendrickson@lisluanda.com )

Transition to Year 1 and Year 2…Similarities and Differences

Dear Parents,

please find below some photos that hopefully  illustrates our week.

In language, our students continue to use their own experience as a stimulus for writing.

In math, our students continue to develop their knowledge about how different sets can be organised.


Have a lovely weekend!

A snapshot of our week…

Dear Parents,

the photos below show some of the learning opportunities our students were involved this week.

The above video was shown to our students as a way to provoke their thinking about different journeys to school around the world.


Dear Parents,

This Week, our students have been engaging in an inquiry into Where we are in place and time, looking in particular at Types of journeys people make (Causation- why is it like it is) and changes and experiences gained from those journeys (Change-how is it changing and Reflection-how do we know). Through the above lines of inquiry, we hope the students will gain an enduring understanding that Journeys create opportunities to learn about ourselves and our world.

Last week, the students were asked what they thought they would learn in our new unit and their comments were: going to different places; Angola; moving from one place to another and about planets. After pre-assessing their understanding regarding our transdisciplinary theme, the Central idea was introduced and once again the children shared their thoughts. Therefore, the ground for our inquiry has been laid.

In mathematics we continue developing our number sense, shape and space and data handling concepts.

The students are developing their writing skills through strategies such as mentor texts, conferring and mini-lessons to target specific writing needs. In some cases the main focus is to break the fixed-mindset that some students still have.

Have a lovely weekend!

Our new unit – Where we are in place and time

Dear parents,

We have begun our last unit of inquiry and this is guided by the Transdisciplinary theme, Where we are in place and time. The unit framework is as follows:

Central idea: Journeys create opportunities to learn about ourselves and our world.

What do we want students to know?

Lines of inquiry:

  • Types of journeys people make
  • Changes and experiences gained from journeys

What do we want students to understand?

Key concepts:

  • Causation-why is it like it is?
  • Change-how is it changing?
  • Reflection-how do we know?

Related concepts:

  • Discovery
  • Transition

 What do we want students to be able to do?

Approaches to learning:

Research Skills: Formulating questions

Communication Skills:  Presenting

What do we want students to feel, value and demonstrate?


  • Independence, appreciation, confidence, curiosity

How do we want students to act?

Learner Profile Attributes:

  • Reflective, open-minded, inquirers

How can you help at home?

At the end of the unit we will ask your child to bring items from home relating to significant experiences and journeys in their lives. Please help them choose and collect those items and talk with him/her about what it means to them. Please make sure you frame your conversation according to the above unit information.


Year 1 Team


You are invited!

Dear parents,

You are invited to the Year 1 assembly this Wednesday 26th April in the cafeteria. As we come to the conclusion of our current unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves.

 The children have been making inquiries into:

Stories can engage an audience and communicate meaning by looking at,

  • The messages of stories
  • How stories are created and shared
  • Creating and expressing our own stories

Children are going to celebrate their learning by showcasing this to a wide audience. The children are very excited to use this opportunity to share their learning with you.

Please be seated by 2.05pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 1 team